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Anna Maria Island is one of the best spots for you to check out during your tropical vacation. If you are sick and tired of the cold and cloudy weather, heading south to the Sunshine State can help you turn your demeanor around. You can experience incredible sights, breathtaking scenery, fun activities, and exciting annual events that only occur once per year.

Along with the typical happenings in Anna Maria Island like surfing, swimming, watersports, shopping, and visiting the best seafood restaurants in the country, you can also check out live music events, festivals, parades, holiday celebrations, and much more. Make sure you plan your 2024 vacation around some of the most exciting Anna Maria Island events that occur here to really make an unforgettable vacation!

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Wine Tasting

Another fun thing to do that is great for you to do with your adult friends is go to wine tasting at the Center of Anna Maria Island, also known as the ‘community’s gathering place’. This event will have you tasting one of the best varieties from the entire country, featuring the “wines of Ronald Regan.” For just $75, you can come to this extravagant event and taste superb merlots.

You can pair an assortment of food with the wines on offer, featuring the best tasting varieties from the sunny state of California. In addition to tasting the wine, you can also partake in a silent auction to see if you can win some prizes, like furniture, handmade items, art, jewelry, and exclusive pieces.

Live Music at Harry’s Grill

We love coming to Anna Maria Island during the spring and summer months to meet locals, drink ice-cold beer, watch the sun go down over the Gulf water, and eat the best seafood in the entire state. But to really get in the spirit of island time and feel like you are living the typical Floridian retired lifestyle, we recommend going to Harry’s Grill on Anna Maria Island on Friday nights. Locals flock here every Friday and Sunday evening to listen to live music from 6 to 8:30pm, singing along to the best tunes and getting to dance to the upbeat music.

AMI Beach Café

Another great spot to check out live music that will have you up and out of your seat in no time is the AMI Beach Cafe on Gulf Drive. There is live music on the beach some evenings, featuring local artists who know the hits to play so everyone in the crowd sings along.

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Village of the Arts Artwalk

For art lovers or those who want to just head outside on a sunny day, check out the local artists, and be a part of the vibrant community, head to Bradenton on June 3rd and 4th. Bradenton Beach is just a short drive, walk, or bike away from Anna Maria, so you can head here in a few minutes to try the local food, listen to live music from nearby bands and purchase some art at the outdoor venue.

Bradenton Blues Brunch

There is nothing better than combining live music and tasty brunch food and drinks! If you are here on vacation, you want to kick back, relax, and spend a fun-filled morning with your mates. That is why we think that coming to Bradenton Blue Brunch at Mattison’s City Grille on the Bradenton Riverwalk near Anna Maria Island is a fun way to listen to music and eat tasty brunch plates.

Fourth of July Anna Maria Island Events

Stay local in Anna Maria Island and head right to the beach for the famous Fourth of July celebrations, featuring incredible fireworks that light up the sky, crashing waves that are great for surfing during the day, live music for singing and dancing, and local food vendors for eating tasty seafood, sweet treats, and ice-cold drinks.

KidsArt Summer Camp

Are you traveling to Florida with your kids for a family-friendly holiday? If so, make sure you sign up your toddlers, young kids, or teens for the KidsArt Summer Camp held from July 2 to 6 at the ArtCenter. This is a great way to get your kids involved in a fun activity, meet new friends, and give the parents some time to go explore Anna Maria Island on their own!

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Veterans Day Parade

Honor those who have fought for our country and respect the current soldiers by attending the Veterans Day celebration in Manatee County! Manatee County honors Veterans Day and closes all public offices and libraries to commemorate this annual event, also putting on a Veterans Day Parade Salute to Veterans, and Veterans Appreciation Lunch.

You can head to the start of the parade at Anna Maria City Hall and then head down Pine Avenue to see the memorable event take place all throughout the town.

Coquina Beach Seafood and Music Festival

Hop in your car, split a taxi fare, or take the free trolley and head to the nearby town of Coquina Beach to attend the Seafood and Music Festival. The third annual festival features mouthwatering salmon, shrimp, trout, and other plates that will have you coming back for more and more.

Plus, you can listen to the street performers jamming live on the street as you dance along, purchase arts and crafts from talented local artists, and wander around the beautiful scenery with your entire family.

Stay with Us at Anchor Down Vacation Rentals

Events are happening in AMI all year round. It is no wonder there is no ‘off-season’ here. Plus, when you check out the numerous annual events on the calendar for AMI and the surrounding areas, like Bradenton and Coquina Beach, there is never a dull time to head here for a beach trip, long weekend, or month-long stay.

But where should you stay when you are planning your getaway? It doesn’t matter if you are planning on heading here with your partner for a romantic weekend or coming here with a large group for a two-week vacation; Anchor Down Vacation Rentals offers top-tier properties for any type of holiday.

Anchor Down has rentals that are unbeatable in terms of location, price, and amenities. We have Anna Maria Island, Palmetto Key, Bradenton Beach, East Bradenton, and Longboat Key rentals that provide everything you want and more for your stay.

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Do you want something special for your stay? We don’t blame you. You might have been saving up for months and months to afford this luxury 2024 vacation, which is why we offer rentals featuring private pools, barrier island exclusive houses, dog-friendly homes for you and your pup Fido, and beachfront rentals that are just minutes from the white sand beaches and crashing waves.

When you put your faith in us to take care of your rental experience, you are making a smart decision for your mental health, stress, and wellbeing. We take care of the entire booking process so all you have to focus on is choosing the property for your group and then showing up. It really is that simple.

Anchor Down is a boutique vacation rental company that puts YOU first. We offer prime homes on the Gulf Coast, so you can rest assured that no matter where you choose, we offer local knowledge on the best things to do, quality places to stay, and unbeatable customer service that keeps guests coming back for more every single year.

Finally, when you choose Anchor Down Vacation Rentals to help you with your upcoming 2024 getaway, you can use our in-depth knowledge and local agents to plan fun things to do in your free time. Along with attending annual events, we have knowledgeable and reputable local real estate agents who can give you information on the best things to do in the era, like top restaurants, Astro Skate of Bradenton, Manatee Village Historical Park, Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf, and Bradenton Riverwalk.

Take the guesswork out of choosing a vacation home for you and your friends. Put your faith, money, and time in the hands of real professionals who are 100% dedicated to making sure you have the best vacation of your entire year. Our number one goal is your happiness—you are never just another number of us.

Enjoy Amazing 2024 Anna Maria Island Events | Anchor Down Vacations (2024)


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