Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Rentals | Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals (2024)

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Join us in celebrating our grand opening at Anna Maria Island on May 1, 2024. Experience the beauty of the island like never before in the comfort and style of our premium golf carts.

Currently, we are only offering 4 – 7 day rentals on Anna Maria Island with FREE DELIVERY AND PICKUP!


Premium golf cart rentals on anna maria island

At Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals, we take pride in offering an exclusively premium fleet of the latest 2023 to 2024 golf carts, guaranteeing not only reliability but also one of the finest experiences on Anna Maria Island. Each cart in our collection is equipped with the luxurious DS-18 Premium Bluetooth Audio Speaker, ensuring top-notch sound quality for your enjoyment. The seats are crafted from high-grade marine vinyl, tailored for both comfort and durability. Furthermore, our carts are powered by large lithium batteries, boasting a true 40-mile driving range, not the B.S. manufacturer specs!

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Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Rentals | Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals (4)

Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Rentals | Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals (5)

Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Rentals | Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals (6)

Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Rentals | Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals (7)

Transparent Pricing, Unmatched Service

Transparent and Straightforward Pricing

Our approach to pricing is simple and honest – the rental cost plus sales tax, with absolutely no hidden fees. We don’t believe in surprising you with extra charges for delivery, documentation, or damage waivers.

Free Delivery and Pickup on Rentals 4+ Days

We stand out in the market with our commitment to convenience, offering free delivery and pickup for all our rentals 4 days or more. This service is a fundamental part of our business ethos, providing you with a seamless rental experience.

Where You Can Drive a Golf Cart on Anna Maria Island

At Street Legal Golf Carts, all of our carts are registered Low-Speed Vehicles, which means that under Florida law, they can be driven on any road with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH or less.

Golf cart accessible Restaurants on Anna maria island

Isola Bella Italian Eatery in Holmes Beach offers a genuine taste of Italy with family recipes, fresh local ingredients, and imported cheeses and pasta. The menu includes classic Italian dishes and desserts served in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The Sandbar Seafood and Spirits Restaurant is located on Anna Maria Island and offers a diverse menu with options like Watermelon Gazpacho and Smoked Fish Dip. It’s known for its beachside setting and scenic ocean views, providing a unique dining experience.

gRUB Tropical BBQ on Anna Maria Island is known for its unique approach to traditional BBQ, offering dishes like Coquina Chick and Willow Wrap. It features open-faced seating for enjoying island views, emphasizing a blend of great food with a relaxing, scenic environment.

Poppo’s Taqueria, located on Anna Maria Island, specializes in Mexican-inspired cuisine with a focus on fresh, healthy ingredients. The restaurant offers a selection of tacos, burritos, bowls, and quesadillas, customizable with various meats and toppings, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Island Ocean Star is a family-owned Japanese restaurant known for its traditional menu and fresh sushi specials. It offers a variety of sushi, wines, beer, and sake. The restaurant emphasizes quality food and service, providing a diverse culinary experience. Ocean Star has locations in Bradenton and Anna Maria Island.

Mademoiselle Paris French Restaurant & Bakery is a French bistro in Anna Maria, Florida that serves traditional dishes like mussels and fries, beef burgundy, and foie gras. It has indoor and outdoor seating, and offers catering for events.

Find More Golf Cart Accessible Restaurants

About Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals has provided top-quality Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals to visitors and locals alike in the Florida panhandle for over 6 years. We first started inDestin/Miramar Beachand have since expanded to serve30A/Santa Rosa Beach,Panama City Beach, andNavarre Beach. Now we’re excited to be bringing our rental service to Sarasota/Anna Maria Island area.

Our success over the years has been built on a foundation of exceptional customer service, high-quality Golf Carts, and a passion for helping our customers have the best possible experience. We take pride in maintaining a fleet of well-maintained and reliable Street Legal Golf Carts that are perfect for exploring the scenic surroundings and attractions in the area.

Whether you’re a seasoned local or a first-time visitor, our team is committed to making your rental experience fun, easy, and stress-free. We’re dedicated to providing a trustworthy and reliable service, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals.


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Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Accessible Restaurants

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Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Rentals | Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals (2024)


Are golf carts street legal in Anna Maria Island? ›

Golf carts and GEM cars, classified as Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs), are more than just recreational vehicles on Anna Maria Island. They are a legitimate, street-legal mode of transportation, fully licensed and registered.

How much does it cost to rent a golf cart on Anna Maria Island? ›

Weekly golf cart rentals on the island can vary in price from as low as $150/week to upwards of $800/week, depending upon the time of year, type of cart and supply/demand. Here are a few common questions and answers concerning golf cart rentals on Anna Maria Island.

Can you drive a golf cart from Anna Maria to Longboat Key? ›

TLDR; Due to local low speed vehicle laws, it is not legal to pass from Anna Maria Island to Longboat Key. Doing so would be a violation of the law.

Do you need a license to rent a golf cart in Florida? ›

Golf carts are not required to be titled or registered and, therefore, are not required to be insured with PIP and PDL insurance coverage. Golf cart operators are not required to have a driver license; however, to operate a golf cart on designated public roadways, a person must be 14 years or older.

Where can I drive a golf cart on Anna Maria Island? ›

Street-legal golf carts can use all roads on Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Beach, and Holmes Beach. There are several Anna Maria Island golf cart rental shops in and around the area where you can choose the best vehicle for you and your family.

What is considered street legal golf cart in Florida? ›

There are several features required for LSV and NEV electric vehicles or street legal golf carts in Florida, including: Stop lamps, turn signal lamps, headlamps, tail lamps, parking brakes. Rearview mirrors, reflex reflectors, windshields, seat belts, and VIN's.

Where to park golf carts at Anna Maria? ›

Designated Golf Cart Parking Locations on Anna Maria Island

Look for the signs designating specific areas as “Golf Cart Only Parking”. The City of Holmes Beach has designated several spots as golf cart parking as they are too small for cars. Follow the arrows and park between the designated signs.

Can you Uber on Anna Maria Island? ›

Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are available on Anna Maria and surrounding areas! If you're specifically looking for a ride to your rental from the airport, we recommend using a local driving service.

Can you bring alcohol to Anna Maria Island? ›

No open fires or fireworks are permitted on the beaches. No glass containers or consumption or possession of alcohol. No vehicles or bicycles are allowed on the beaches.

Does Anna Maria Island have a free shuttle? ›

Anna Maria Island has a free Trolley Service that travels daily up and down the island between Anna Maria Island and Coquina Beach, from 6AM- 10:30PM, about every 20 minutes.

Are golf carts allowed on Holmes Beach? ›

Extra Rules for Golf Carts at Holmes Beach

You can drive golf carts on all streets within the city limits, including the beach.

How late does the trolley run on Anna Maria Island? ›

Trolleys typically run at 20 minute intervals until 9pm, then every 30 minutes until 10:30pm. (times may vary due to unforeseen incidents, traffic conditions or weather) You'll never be far from a trolley stop, you can usually find them every two to four blocks.

What is the difference between LSV and golf cart? ›

There are two main things that distinguish a golf cart from a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), sometimes referred to as a Low-Speed Vehicle or LSV: – The maximum speed of a golf cart is 15mph. – An NEV / LSV must go 25mph or more. – An NEV has headlights, turn signals, mirrors, seat belts, and even a VIN number.

Can you drive a street legal golf cart in Florida? ›

In Florida, operating a golf cart is permitted on roads and even highways as long as those areas divide golf courses or trailer parks. By law, a person doesn't need a title or registration for a golf cart but must adhere to road rules.

Do you need insurance for a street legal golf cart in Florida? ›

Some golf carts have been converted to low-speed vehicles, so the distinction might not be apparent at first glance. But once your golf cart is street legal, it will require golf cart insurance.

Are golf carts allowed in Longboat Key? ›

Low Speed Vehicles (golf carts) are not permitted to be driven on Longboat Key. Holmes Beach has special ordinances that apply to golf carts not registered as Low Speed Vehicles. LSV's must obey all traffic laws and regulations the same as cars. All passengers must wear a seat belt at all times.

Can you drive a golf cart on Bradenton Beach? ›

Extra Rules for Golf Carts at Bradenton Beach

Do not drive golf carts on the beach or Gulf Drive South between 10th Street South and Coquina Beach. Avoid parking your golf cart on the streets. Park your golf cart in designated areas and walk to the beach instead.

Can you drive a golf cart in Bradenton? ›

The operation of a golf cart upon any city road is permitted, except upon a designated prohibited city road that has been appropriately marked with signs and/or pavement markings by the city.


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