35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (2024)

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35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (1)

Spring is officially here! More sunshine and the scent of fresh-cut grass are definitely nice treats after a long winter. Regardless of the season, it’s important to stay on track with caring for yourself. Self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate or take a lot of time. In fact, things that make us feel content are often times pretty simple. These spring bucket list ideas should hopefully be a good start!

If I’m being honest, my lowest mental health moments seem to be around this time of year. I’m more of an introvert so I sometimes struggle with the transition from winter to spring.

That’s when I know I need to pay careful attention to my body and mind. Even a 15-minute walk outside or reading a chapter of a book can make a world of difference.

If you’re thinking of effective ways to show yourself some love for the new season, no worries! Here are some relaxing, fun, and creative ways to take self-care to the next level this spring. Read on for your spring bucket list ideas and a printable checklist for you to keep!

35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self-Care

1. Go to a nature preserve near you.

Spending time in nature is a great way to boost your health. Studies show that there are many benefits that come with enjoying the great outdoors. Some of these include better energy levels, more creativity, lower blood pressure, and much more.

Plan a trip to a nature preserve near you. Hike, camp, or look out at the scenery – regardless of the activity, make sure to take in the peaceful moment outside!

2. Take time to spring clean your place.

Spring is the perfect time for a cleaning session! If you’re not sure where to start (been there!) try going room by room or downloading a spring cleaning checklist. Something else that has helped me with motivation is watching “clean with me” videos on YouTube!

3. Write a 15-minute journal entry.

When you get a break in the day, try journaling for 15 minutes. Set up a timer, play calming lofi music in the background, and do some free-writing in a journal. Don’t worry about making the sentences sound cohesive or what your handwriting looks like. The important thing is that you write what’s on your mind!

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4. Prepare meals with fruits and veggies that are in season.

Research tasty recipes that feature in-season fruits and veggies. Check out this full list of all the top fruits and vegetables for spring. Some of the most popular produce include asparagus, limes, apricots, broccoli and artichokes!

A few recipe ideas to get you started:

5. Get a fuss-free houseplant.

Another good idea for your spring bucket list is to get a houseplant! A helpful place to browse for information about indoor and outdoor plants is Bloomscape. You can filter plants based on size, difficulty of care, if they’re pet friendly, and more. You’ll also get insight on how to care for each plant!

Plant Must-Haves:

How to Houseplant by Heather Rodino

35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (7)

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6. Enjoy a relaxing picnic at the park.

There’s something relaxing about having a picnic on a sunny weekend in spring. It doesn’t have to be fancy either. Pack up a snack, a blanket, and a cup of coffee. You’ll enjoy lunch and the scenery at the park!

7. Unplug from social media (even if it’s for a few hours!)

Sometimes, it isn’t easy (or realistic) to “unplug” for an extended period of time. But try to give yourself a break from social media even if it’s for a few hours. Try eating dinner mindfully without your phone, logging off an hour before bed, or enjoying your coffee in the morning outside.

These are some useful tips on how to implement less screen time in your day!

8. Listen to a playlist that reminds you of a spring day.

Do you ever feel like a song reminds you of a place or period of time? Think of music that sets the mood for spring and make a playlist! I’ve actually created one called “It’s a Spring Day: You’re Walking Through a Garden” Enjoy! 🌼

9. Learn about flowers at a botanical garden.

Botanical gardens are awesome because you can discover so much about different species of flowers and plants. It’s a relaxing spring activity that will leave you feeling inspired. Also, admission is free a lot of times which is a nice bonus!

10. Buy a cute water bottle and hydrate!

Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. The amount of water you should drink each day will vary from person to person, but it’s a good idea to keep a water bottle at your desk or near you. There’ll be less of a chance that you’ll forget this way!

Fidus Water Bottle

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11. Decorate a birdhouse.

These are some really cute ideas for a DIY birdhouse (and quite a few are great for beginners)! I also found some helpful tips on how to make the bird house safe and comfortable for the birds.

If crafting isn’t your thing, Etsy has awesome birdhouses you can buy from local businesses like this one!

12. Get cozy and listen to the rain falling outside.

April showers are even more relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book. If you’re in need of a quiet moment, try reading a chapter of a novel as the rain falls outside. You may even want to just sit on the couch and enjoy the moment of stillness. Whatever makes you feel happiest!

13. Make your own flower arrangement.

Welcome spring by adding some fresh flowers to your home. Flower arrangements are pretty pricey though, so why not make your own? I wanted to add some flowers to my apartment and found this video from Tina Le. She talks about making a flower arrangement for under $15 with grocery store flowers. It was so creative and helpful!

14. Add spring herbs to your kitchen cabinet or fridge.

Freshen up your kitchen with spring herbs like parsley, dill, and chives. You can buy dried herbs at the grocery store, add fresh herbs to your fridge, or even grow them yourself!

15. Declutter and organize your closet.

Spring cleaning your closet can be stressful at times, but here are some good ideasthat’ll help make it a bit easier!

16. Start a farm on Stardew Valley.

Over the course of the last couple years, I’ve been gaming quite a bit. I found Stardew Valley and it’s been such an awesome way to relax and lift my spirits.

Basically it’s a simulation game where you inherit your grandfather’s farm in Pelican Town. You can create your farm, build relationships with the townspeople, mine, craft, forage, and so much more. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants a calming activity to do after the end of a long day. You can play on your PC, Nintendo switch, and other consoles.

Here’s a link to the website if you want to learn more or try it out!

17. Try a new spring fragrance.

All of these spring fragrances sound amazing! 💕

18. Lie on the grass and daydream.

The scent of fresh grass is a lovely part of springtime.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, give yourself a 20-minute break to lie on the grass and let your mind drift into a daydream. Sometimes, a few moments of quiet help tremendously when you need to hit “reset” in your day-to-day life.

19. Play aesthetic spring sounds in the background.

Since we’re indoors a lot, why not bring nature to you? There are lots of videos on YouTube that feature aesthetic spring sounds (some with music). I love playing them in the background while I’m writing or tidying up at home!

Some of my favorites lately:

20. Start a spring reading list – read slowly and intently!

Escape into a good book you’ve been wanting to read for a while now.

You can also start a spring reading list, even if it’s just 2 or 3 books for the season! Goodreads is an awesome tool to track your reading and find recommendations based on your interests!

21. Soak in the sunshine with a daily walk.

Taking a daily walk can help lift your mood, ease joint pain, boost your energy, and so much more!

22. Eat an ice cream cone from a local shop.

The tastiest spring activity! What’s better than enjoying ice cream on a nice Saturday evening? 🍦

23. Work towards one goal for the new season.

If you have a long to-do list, try to narrow it down as much as possible. Also, do your best to speak kindly to yourself about this goal. Know that it’s just not realistic to get everything done in a day and these things take time!

Something that may be effective is working towards one goal at a time. For example, I took a long break from blogging last year. My goal for the season was to finish at least one post by the end of spring. I took small steps each day to achieve my ultimate goal.

Think about one goal you’d like to complete before the season ends. Then write down some things that will help you reach your goal more easily. Maybe it’s planning baby steps in a journal, talking to someone else about your goal, or implementing a new healthy habit!

24. Wear a pair of fun rain boots!

Okay, this spring bucket list idea is probably the funnest one. Buy a pair of rain boots and jump in some puddles (or just rock them because they’re cute!) ☔

Western Chief Rain Boots

35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (16)

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35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (17)

25. Think about 5 things you love about spring.

Think of 5 things you love about spring and write them down. Even if you’re not a fan of the season, what are some things you still look forward to around this time of year?

Here are my springtime favorites:

1. The sound and smell of rain in April.

2. Backyard gardens and colorful flowers.

3. Visiting Lake Michigan after a long winter.

4. Fresh nighttime air and star-filled skies.

5. Enjoying my cup of coffee outside.

Now it’s your turn!

26. Bake a spring-themed sweet treat like lemon cake.

Baking can be a great relaxation tool for people. It’s also a fun activity for spring! Luckily, this post from the Food Network has everything from lemon bars to pastel eclairs which look amazing!

Other recipes you may enjoy:

27. Try aromatherapy with spring-themed scents.

Maybe you want to light a candle, diffuse essential oils, or take a walk in the park and enjoy the scents of nature. Take a short “pause” to notice and enjoy the smells around you.

Some common spring-themed scents are lavender, jasmine, lemon, and basil. Try different scents out to find your favorites!

28. Refresh your skincare routine.

Why not add a few new products to your skincare routine? Some examples could be a highly-rated moisturizer, sunscreen or face mist. Search for a couple of interesting finds that are on your wish-list and pick out your favorites!

29. Ride your bike around the neighborhood.

Go for a calming bike ride in your neighborhood and take in the fresh air of spring!

30. Write a poem about the season.

Write whatever you’re thinking about in the current moment!

31. Buy a few spring decor pieces that make you smile.

Refresh your place by adding a few decor pieces for springtime. Maybe a wreath, some candles, a canvas you really like, even magazines on your coffee table. A change in decor will help you get excited about the new season!

Billibobbi Artificial Flowers

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Lemon Dish Towel Set

35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (20)

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32. Start your own rock collection for fun.

Talk about a wholesome hobby! This article lists quite a few great tips on how to get started with your rock collection. (It also talks about the rock code of ethics to keep the environment safe which is really important to note!)

33. Draw a picture with sidewalk chalk.

Who doesn’t love drawing with sidewalk chalk? It’s such a classic spring and summer activity. Truth be told, I haven’t used sidewalk chalk in years but really want to now that I have a patio in my apartment. This sidewalk chalk looks super fun and colorful!

Sidewalk Chalk

35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (22)

34. Follow a guided meditation for springtime.

Taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to follow a guided meditation can make a huge difference in your general mood. It almost feels like a reset, especially after a stressful period. I find that this one by MindfulPeace is calming and quite comforting!

35. Open the windows for fresh air.

If you’re feeling a bit cooped up, try opening up the window for fresh air. Pay attention to the traffic outside, the birds chirping, the smell of greenery, and all things spring!

Spring Bucket List Printable

I hope you enjoyed my spring bucket list! Have a great rest of the season and thanks for reading! x

What are some things you’d like to do before spring ends? Also, what’s your favorite part about the season?

Grab an iced coffee or tea & stay a while!35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (25)35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (26)

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  16. Personal Reflection and Goal Setting: The article encourages reflecting on the things one loves about spring, setting goals for the season, and taking small steps towards achieving those goals.

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35 Spring Bucket List Ideas for Self Care + Checklist (2024)


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