Why does Mark Zuckerberg look... like that? (2024)

Mark Zuckerberg looks different. His hair is longer and less restrained. His clothes hang from his frame with an enviable ease, and a rotating repertoire of link chains adorn his neck. For years, Zuckerberg applied the same daily diet of dark wash jeans, gray fitted tees, dad sneakers, and a close, cropped haircut à la his idol Augustus Caesar.

Now, it looks like he has taken a sartorial chill pill.

Online, reactions have been positive enough that Zuckerberg has begun to engage in the discourse. He's asked fashion insider and Instagram's director of fashion partnerships Eva Chen to weigh in on his chain (too long, she said — she was right). A meme of Zuckerberg, edited with facial hair, has also made the rounds.

Before this sudden switch up, Zuckerberg was known for the no-nonsense wardrobe popular with tech execs who hope to be perceived as too busy (or too serious) to care about what they wear. Steve Jobs, famously, wore a uniform of a black Issey Miyake turtleneck and Levi's 501 classic fit jeans. When asked about his choice to wear gray t-shirts in 2014, Zuckerberg spun it into a commentary on the importance of his work: "I feel like I’m not doing my job if I spend any of my energy on things that are silly or frivolous about my life" he said, "and that way, I can dedicate all my energy to building the best products and services and helping us reach our goal and achieve our mission.”

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Zuckerberg in uniform in 2017.Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In 2024, it would seem that frivolity is no longer a concern. In February, Zuckerberg let his hair grow out into natural curls and replaced his fitted tees with relaxed, structured cuts in new colors (white! black! blue!). He visited Japan in a shearling jacket and, for the wedding of the son of Indian billionaire and business partner Mukesh Ambani, wore matching Alexander McQueen and Rahul Mishra ensembles with his wife Priscilla Chan. In March, he implied that the shearling had become his signature look when he exchanged it for the leather jacket of billionaire Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang in a photo op he captioned "jersey swap."

Earlier this month, the chain arrived — multiple chains, actually, worn on different days. The accessory's first major appearance was in videos posted to X which documented the couple's attendance at a UFC fight in meticulously crafted looks: Zuckerberg in his chain and structured tee, Chan in a gold Chanel necklace, cropped fur coat, combat boots, and black top with a plunging neckline.

It was a far cry from the Zuckerberg we used to know and, for that matter, the Chan of the past. A coworker of mine had equated her personal style to the inventory of J. Crew. Now, Business Insider praised her for pulling off "mob chic," a reference to the trending "mob wife" aesthetic (though most mafia dons' better halves would probably pass on combat boots). "When did Priscilla become hot?" asked one X user in a tweet liked 44,000 times.

It was clear that the Zuckerbergs had hired a stylist, and it was money well spent.

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Tweet may have been deleted

Shortly after the fight, Zuckerberg took to Instagram Reels to announce updates to Meta AI. He addressed his followers while sporting a chain and his longer hair, introducing the look to a new audience. Memes abounded but the most popular was a screenshot of the video that had been altered to look like Zuckerberg had also grown facial hair. People liked it.

Instagram gossip account The Shade Room reposted the edited photo to its more than 29 million followers, adding Sexyy Red's song "Get it Sexyy" to the post for effect. "Who did this?" Zuckerberg commented from his account. Gwyneth Paltrow commented, too, noting how much he resembled her ex, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, a compliment of the highest degree to any middle-aged white man.

Since then, comments on Zuckerberg's Instagram posts have demanded that he grow out his beard. When he isn't wearing a chain, the people call for that, too.

In his interaction with Instagram's Eva Chen on April 23rd, he addressed the accessory outright, classifying it as a personal project of sorts."I'm actually in the process of designing a long-term chain," he told her, "and what I'm going for is I'm working with a designer to engrave the prayer that I sing to my girls every night when I put them to bed on the end of the chain."

This sartorial shift has run parallel to a lifestyle change that has seen Zuckerberg engaging with masculinity in new ways. In 2022, he began sharing videos of him sparring with UFC greats and attending fights. In 2023, he competed in a jiu-jitsu tournament and tore his ACL. In January, he shared on Instagram that he was raising cattle with the goal of "[creating] some of the highest quality beef in the world" and posted a video of Chan "catching" him playing what appears to be Call of Duty with friends in couple's home bunker.

Tweet may have been deleted

In July 2023, twin successes were likened by The Atlantic and Wall Street Journal to a renaissance of sorts for Zuckerberg: the launch of Meta-owned X alternative Threads and Zuckerberg's challenge to take on Elon Musk in a physical fight.

The past two weeks feel like another turning point, perhaps the opening of a new era. Throughout the 2010s, Zuckerberg's uniform turned him into a sort of extraterrestrial caricature of a human, drained of personality and color. Now, thanks to a few styling changes, he is approaching relatability. And while there's certainly no crime in being stylish, there's something nefarious about a billionaire aspiring to popular approval. Mark Zuckerberg, the fourth richest person in the world, does not need more attention. In fact, with a net worth of $177 billion, he doesn't need anything. So why does he seem to care so much?

Perhaps because relatability can evolve into respectability, a public sentiment that has been in low supply for Zuckerberg in recent years (a 2022 NBC News poll found that just 8 percent of respondents held a "positive" view of him). The Social Network's fictional depiction of Zuckerberg as an awkward, jealous Harvard nerd belies a kernel of truth: that Zuckerberg has always just wanted to be liked and admired. It was, after all, the reason he created Facebook to begin with.

The problem with Zuckerberg's current bid for respectability is that he does not, at present, deserve it. The 39-year-old is a white guy rapidly accumulating billions as the gaping maw of the wealth gap groans ever wider.

And with the American Presidential elections just seven months away, Zuckerberg's new look could conveniently serve as a distraction from the scrutiny Meta may face over its handling of foreign interference and misinformation.

Zuckerberg holds too much power and has too much money to be innocently wooing the public with an aesthetic glow-up. Forgive me for not complimenting his jacket.


Why does Mark Zuckerberg look... like that? (2024)


Why does Mark Zuckerberg wear the same outfit? ›

Minimize decision fatigue: Mark Zuckerberg has mentioned in interviews that he prefers to have a simple wardrobe to reduce decision fatigue. By wearing the same or similar clothes every day, he eliminates the need to spend time and mental energy on choosing outfits, allowing him to focus on more imp.

Does Zuckerberg have a child? ›

Mark Zuckerberg is a proud father of three! In March, the Meta CEO announced that he and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan welcomed their third daughter. Zuckerberg and Chan first started dating in 2003, after meeting at Zuckerberg's Harvard University fraternity when he was a sophom*ore and she was a freshman.

How much is Mark Zuckerberg's T-shirt? ›

It turns out that his iconic gray T shirt. is actually made by an Italian luxury fashion brand. named Brunello Succinelli. and it cost between 304 hundred US dollars. Hope you found that interesting.

What brand does Mark Zuckerberg wear? ›

Introducing Brunello Cucinelli, the man behind Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's “signature” gray T-shirts and so much more. Born in 1953 to a laborer, Cucinelli's journey from the son of a laborer to a highly cultivated business owner is nothing short of inspiring.

Does Mark Zuckerberg wear the same thing every day? ›

The brainiac saves his mind for more pressing decisions by wearing the same outfit every day, he's said.

Why do billionaires dress so casually? ›

It turns out — there is a psychological reason why rich people dress like this. A study conducted by specific people who dress inconspicuously is perceived to be more competent than those who dress conspicuously. In other words, if you want people to think you are successful, dressing down is the way to go.

Did Mark Zuckerberg graduate from Harvard? ›

Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to concentrate on the fledgling company, of which he became CEO and president. In May 2005 Facebook received its first major infusion of venture capital ($12.7 million). Four months later Facebook opened to registration by high-school students.

Where do Zuckerberg's kids go to school? ›

Now, with the help of his wife, Priscilla Chan, Zuckerberg embarks on an entirely different business model. Private school. The Zuckerbergs' new K-12 private school, “The Primary School”, in Palo Alto, California functions as a private, nonprofit educational institution.

How many babies did Mark Zuckerberg have? ›

The couple has three daughters, Maxima, 7; August, 5; and baby Aurelia, born in March 2023. There's also a recurring theme that ties those three names together: All three kids' names are linked to those of Roman emperors — a time period that fascinates Zuckerberg.

What brand hoodie does Zuckerberg wear? ›

According to a person close to the CEO and his wardrobe (a correction of this nature demanded additional Investigative Journalism), Zuckerberg still wears some Loro Piana (such as its hoodies) — but these days he prefers somewhat more affordable menswear brands, including Buck Mason, Todd Snyder, and John Elliott for ...

What does Mark Zuckerberg always wear? ›

There is one thing about Mark Zuckerberg that has never changed since he launched Facebook and became one of the youngest billionaires in the world: the grey T-shirt he wears every day.

What is the richest shirt in the world? ›

The most expensive shirt in the world is a diamond-studded shirt valued at $52,000,000. The diamond shirt was commissioned by Indian businessman and politician Datta Phuge. The shirt took a team of 15 goldsmiths two weeks to construct.

Why does Mark Zuckerberg wear gray? ›

“You'll see I wear only gray or blue suits,” he told Vanity Fair in 2012. “I'm trying to pare down decisions. I don't want to make decisions about what I'm eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.

What jeans does Zuckerberg wear? ›

Generally, Mark Zuckerberg prefers brands like Brunello Cuccinelli. Zuckerberg has never disclosed what brand of exact denim brand he prefers, but any pair of slim-fitting black or blue denim jeans will do. Mark Zuckerberg has never shifted his most popular choice Grey T-shirt and Blue Denim Jeans.

Which T-shirt does Mark Zuckerberg wear? ›

But some put their own spin on it. Take Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He might only wear grey T-shirts, but those tees are custom-made by Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli, the “King of Cashmere”.

Does Mark Zuckerberg wear the same shirt? ›

His bland outfits may seem dull, but Zuckerberg has a legitimate reason for donning the same T-shirt every day.

Why do Steve Jobs always wear the same clothes? ›

He famously stated that he wore the same outfit every day because it eliminated the need to make decisions about what to wear, allowing him to focus his energy on more important tasks. Additionally, Jobs believed that having a consistent wardrobe created a personal brand and image that people would associate with him.

Where does Mark Zuckerberg get his clothes from? ›

"Mark Zuckerberg wears custom made Brunello Cucinelli tees in marl grey. I believe they run long for him, thus needing a hem. He chooses to order in bulk for an estimated cost per unit that varies from $300-$400.

Why do successful people wear the same dress? ›

Rich people don't wear the same clothes every day but they do wear clothes in the same color & patterns every day. Rich People Do This Because It helps them save time and let their energy and decision-making ability for the important decisions to take.


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