The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (2024)

Ready or Not continues to prove itself as a game that can compete with modern FPS titles. Mil-sim SWAT shooters such as this tend to put a heavy emphasis on submachine guns, since they are a very popular choice among players. Our goal today is to present you with the best SMG loadout in Ready or Not and how you can make full use of it.

Some players are turned off by SMGs in Ready or Not, but they can still be deadly if used correctly. We will shed some light on the best SMGs that can be used and which situations they are most useful in.SMGs are even more useful if you have a proper secondary on hand, which is why it’s also important to have a proper pistol loadout in Ready or Not.

Brief Overview of SMGs in Ready or Not

First-person shooter games put a lot of emphasis on submachine guns and their functioning. This makes sense, as they are likely some of the most popular and commonly used weapon types in games.

Ready or Not chose to balance them differently, though. Damage output in this game is mostly based on the type of rounds that the weapon is chambered in; most of the SMGs are chambered in 9mm rounds.

This is mainly why players think SMGs lack stopping power in this game; and, although they may not perform as well as some assault rifles, they can still be put to good use in specific situations.

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There is a lot of variety in the maps/missions of Ready or Not, and most of them do not cater to every weapon type. This, among many other reasons, is why you must choose your SMGs wisely. Most SMG loadouts in Ready or Not are ineffective against heavily-armored opponents. Therefore, it would not be wise to bring a 9mm SMG to a situation with armored shooters.

If your armored shooters are in an enclosed space, then you may opt for an SMG with higher-caliber rounds. The major downside to SMGs with higher-caliber rounds is a lower rate of fire, though.

So, if you really want to make the best of conventional 9mm SMGs, the most optimal situation would be a regular house raid. These usually contain unarmored enemies that won’t pose much threat to weapons with higher fire rates and mobility.

Top SMG Loadout in Ready or Not

Now that we’ve covered what you should look out for and consider when using SMGs, let’s see which SMG performs the best in an objective sense. Even if you don’t like our primary weapon of choice for this loadout, we’ll include an alternate choice for those who don’t like that specific SMG. Here’s our pick for the best SMG loadout in Ready or Not.

Best SMG for this Ready or Not Loadout

SMGs may be inefficient against armored opponents, but there are two that stand out from the rest. The main SMG we have decided to choose for this loadout build is the MP7. The MP7 is one of the only SMGs that comes close to competing with assault rifles in terms of efficiency.

Unlike its 9mm counterpart, this pack much more of a punch and is considered the better alternative for many players.

The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (2)

Not only does the MP7 offer more stopping power, but it is also versatile. And although currently in a peculiar position, SMG loadouts are known for their mobility. This is the sole reason why hybrid SMGs with higher caliber rounds can compete with rifles that offer significantly less mobility. In summary, the MP7’s mobility compensates for its other faults.

Alternate SMG

If the MP7 doesn’t suit you, then you’d be better off with another SMG that you shouldn’t underestimate – the UMP-45. The UMP-45 has always been a fan-favorite SMG that is renowned for its use of powerful .45 ACP rounds.

Hence, the “45” in its name. Its armor penetration capabilities are still far behind most rifles, but it won’t falter in the face of an armored opponent either.

The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (3)

The reason why some prefer this over the MP7 series is because of its low recoil and better armor penetration; however, there is one big downside that many tend to miss: its low fire rate.

Weapons with a lower fire rate tend not to do well in close-quarters combat, which is common in Ready or Not. Picking between this and the MP7 largely depends on your personal preference and how it fits your role in a squad.

Secondary Weapon for this Ready or Not SMG Loadout

The secondary weapon/pistol that we have chosen for this loadout will be the USP45. Picking a pistol isn’t necessarily crucial, as it won’t see much action anyway. However, if you are forced to use it, then it is best to have one that will pack a mean punch.

That is why we have gone with the USP45 for our best SMG loadout in Ready or Not. It is chambered in .45 ACP rounds, just like the aforementioned UMP-45 SMG, and will successfully get rid of any sneaky surprises that the enemy has in store for you.

The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (4)

Our usual pistol of choice is the 57 USG and it still stands as one of the best pistols in this game. The main differences between the two are minor, and although the USP45 doesn’t hit as hard, it’s definitely more accurate.

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SMG Attachments for this Ready or Not Loadout

Attachments aren’t as fleshed out yet in Ready or Not, and you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. Regardless, here is a list of attachments in Ready or Not that we have found work best with the previously mentioned weapons:

  • Optic: Holosight EXPS3
  • Muzzle: Tundra Suppressor (Situational)
  • Underbarrel: Combat Grip
  • Overbarrel: Laser Pointer or Flashlight
The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (5)

Every optic sight does basically the same thing, meaning you can’t go wrong with whatever sight you pick. The suppressor is very situational, and you’re likely going to need it for hostage rescue missions. For more info on what suppressors do in Ready or Not, check out our companion guide.

We have gone with the combat grip for this mainly because you will need the accuracy; the MP5/10MM’s fire rate is no joke. Lastly, the overbarrel attachment comes down to personal preference.

Pistol Attachments for this Ready or Not SMG Loadout

Pistol attachments need to somewhat mirror the attachments of your primary weapon, so this is what we are going with.

  • Optic: RMR Dot (Optional)
  • Muzzle: Suppressor (Situational)
  • Underbarrel: Laser Pointer or Flashlight
The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (6)

The optic sight won’t matter as much and you can even take it off if it’s too small for your liking. Once again, you should equip the suppressor if your primary weapon has one or if you’re going on a sneaky night raid. As for the underbarrel attachment, we’d recommend equipping an attachment that your primary weapon doesn’t have.

Best Tactical Equipment for Your SMG Loadout in Ready or Not

As we know, bringing the right piece of tactical equipment can change the whole pace of a mission or raid. There is a long list of useful tactical equipment to choose from, but not all of them work well with every loadout. Something like a battering ram might suit a good shotgun loadout build better than a ballistic shield would.

Now, taking all of that into consideration, we have decided to go with the Mirror Gun for this SMG loadout build. The Mirror Gun is likely the best tactical equipment for gathering on-field intelligence, and it is designed to suit operatives who prefer to get up close and personal.

The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (7)

In our opinion, this piece of tactical equipment suits the SMG perfectly. You have the ability to peek under most doors in order to gain an upper hand on not only one enemy, but groups of them. Any multiplayer squad will greatly appreciate such a contribution. If you prefer solo play, then it is just as useful if not crucial to your survival.

Best Armor

As displayed in our other loadout builds, the go-to armor type would be heavy armor. And our affinity toward it still stands, but we’ve decided to instead go with Light Armor for this SMG loadout build.

Ultimately, if you can’t play with light armor, feel free to go back to what suits you. However, the main point of this entire SMG loadout in Ready or Not is mobility, and you cannot really achieve that with heavy armor.

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The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (8)

Furthermore, if you decide to embrace the point of this loadout, you won’t be spending a lot of your time behind enemy lines. All of this means there is a higher chance of you taking damage, and this is why you should pick the sturdiest armor material out there: Steel. Combining light armor with steel plates should give you the best of both worlds.

Feel free to reach our companion guide to learn how armor and headwear work in Ready or Not.

Ammo & Deployable Slots

Whether you like it or not, the subpar armor penetration of the SMGs in Ready or Not will force you to fire an abundance of rounds. Such a predicament may sound awesome, but it will make you quickly deplete your magazine reserves before you can even complete the mission.

With that in mind, we went ahead and rearranged the ammo and deployable slots to better suit this loadout.

Here’s a compact list of how your ammo and deployable slots should look like if you want to replicate this SMG loadout:

  • Primary Ammunition: x6 AP Magazines
  • Secondary Ammunition: x2 AP Magazines
  • Grenades: x3 Flashbang
  • Deployables: x2 Lockpick Gun
The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (9)

As you can see, we have allocated most of our slots for primary ammunition. Doing this is necessary, especially if you are an avid SMG user. Two AP magazines for the pistol may seem like a small amount, but you won’t be using the pistol as much as your primary.

An additional slot was added to grenades to enable them to be used more effectively for clearing rooms. On the other hand, the lockpick gun can help you stealthily open a door in order to toss in a grenade.

If you’re feeling explosive, you can go for something like C2 explosives instead of lockpick guns. C2 explosives work really well with any sort of builds that cater to more aggressive playstyles.

Best Headwear

There’s aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to headwear in Ready or Not. The only objectively good headwear option would be the Night-Vision Goggles (NVGS). This mainly comes down to how dark certain missions can get, even if it takes place during the day. It’s generally better to have it on before you enter a dark corridor. You never know what could spring out of a room.

The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (10)

Other headwear options, such as ballistic face masks and gas masks, are only situational at best. We assume that headwear, as a whole, is bound to get an overhaul sooner or later. Either that, or we will see more unique missions that warrant the usage of items like gas masks and anti-flash goggles.

Final Thoughts on the Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not

Ready or Not is unlike anything we have ever seen before in this genre of games. Variety is king, and that’s exactly why we can make such detailed loadout builds. Granted, we do think that SMGs deserve a big buff, and we hope that becomes a reality in the near future. Even then, you can still do some serious damage if you choose the right SMG loadout in Ready or Not.

Player growth is somewhat stagnant for Ready or Not, but this doesn’t mean we won’t be getting more content in the future. Void Interactive is taking the necessary steps to ensure that more fans of the FPS genre can see the beautifully-crafted game that is Ready or Not. We hope this loadout guide has helped you to see just how diverse this game actually is.

There’s plenty more where that came from. Be sure to check out our other loadout guides on the best shield and pistol loadout in Ready or Not.

The Best SMG Loadout in Ready or Not (2024)


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