Foot Locker’s new loyalty program lets shoppers redeem points for cash, sneaker access (2024)

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Foot Locker unveiled a new loyalty program on Tuesday as it plots a turnaround course under CEO Mary Dillon, who is still relatively young in her tenure at the company.

The refreshed FLX Rewards program comes as the athletics retailer is in the midst of a larger overhaul of its business, including much of its customer experience. That ranges from store revamps for the majority of its fleet and new store concept launches to various website improvements and a new mobile app, which will launch later this year.

“Kind of grounding in Mary's lace-up plan overall for the business is this fundamental idea of being more customer-led as an organization,” Chief Customer Officer Kim Waldmann said, noting that the retailer took an eye to its existing loyalty program through that lens. “What we found was, it was really engaging our sneakerhead-type consumer, who was excited about product heat and launches, but we had an opportunity to really democratize the program and provide value to more consumer segments.”

Key to doing that is the new FLX Cash benefit, which allows shoppers to redeem points for discounts of $5, $10 or $20. Members of the loyalty program earn 100 points for every dollar spent. Foot Locker also introduced free returns as part of the relaunch, in addition to the existing benefit of free shipping with no minimum order. Some of these more value-oriented perks appeal to the average consumer more than the sneakerhead, and lead to higher wallet share, according to Waldmann.

Already, the company is aiming for 50% loyalty penetration by 2026, and in the future, it hopes to hit 70%, per a company press release.

“What we have seen in the pilot is even if they're redeeming cash back, that means that they're spending more frequently and consolidating their share of wallet with us, and so ultimately, it's incremental,” Waldmann said.

She noted that a pilot of the loyalty program in Canada saw customers shopping with Foot Locker more often and buying more when they did. And although a key goal of the program is to bring in more of your average consumer, Foot Locker is also introducing features geared at its sneaker-loving fan base.

For example, another use of loyalty points is to cash them in for an extra shot at getting access to new sneaker drops. Similar to buying multiple raffle tickets, purchasing an “extra boost,” as Waldmann calls them, ups your chances of getting selected.

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“And that obviously matters a ton to get those Jordan Retro 4’s or whatever the high heat product at the moment is,” Waldmann said. “Some are really going to value that, and some are just going to value the ability to get rewarded financially for the more that they spend with us over time.”

The FLX program will also feature members-only sales events and one-off giveaways like the chance to win sneakers for a year.

When Foot Locker’s new mobile app launches later this year, it will be closely tied to the loyalty program, with a hub where shoppers can view points, rewards and scan their loyalty card in stores.The app will also include a “heat monitor” to tell shoppers how hot a product drop is likely to be — for example, just “hot” or “atomic.” The idea behind that is to give customers a sense of how many points they should put toward an upcoming drop, according to Waldmann.

A “Store Mode” feature will allow shoppers to scan products in a given Foot Locker store and see what the retailer has in their size. When asked if a store associate will still have to go retrieve those products for shoppers, Waldmann said they weren’t sharing that information yet.

Looking ahead, Foot Locker plans to invest in personalization based on the data it receives from the loyalty program. That could mean more targeted marketing to different consumer segments, as well as more data insights for brand partners, like Nike. Nikehas shown an interest in sharing data with its wholesale partners in the past, including by tying its loyalty program to Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2021 and launching a similar effort with Hibbett two years later.

When asked if that’s in the future for Foot Locker, Waldmann said Nike is “super excited” about Foot Locker’s loyalty program, “in terms of consumer engagement, but also the value that it brings back to them in terms of access and personalization. We're both very focused on getting this out the door and then we obviously always have conversations about what the future looks like and how we can integrate more deeply together.”

For Foot Locker, the loyalty program revamp and soon-to-drop mobile app represent another ticked box on a long list of turnaround priorities, and hopefully — a base to build upon next year.

“We're setting the foundation on all of these pillars this year,” Waldmann said, “and then we'll continue to build on them to deliver a great experience in the future.”

Foot Locker’s new loyalty program lets shoppers redeem points for cash, sneaker access (2024)


Foot Locker’s new loyalty program lets shoppers redeem points for cash, sneaker access? ›

Foot Locker's New Loyalty Program Lets Shoppers Redeem Points for Cash, Sneaker Access. Foot Locker unveiled a new loyalty program on Tuesday as it plots a turnaround course under CEO Mary Dillon, who is still relatively young in her tenure at the company.

How to redeem FLX points in Foot Locker? ›

How do I redeem my XPoints for rewards? Log into your FLX account on any of our Brand websites or mobile apps and check out the FLX Reward Center for available rewards. Follow instructions to redeem your XPoints for different types of rewards.

How many flx points is $1? ›

Xtra Savings: Members can now redeem points (100 points per $1 spent) for FLX Cash, providing discounts of $5 , $10 , or $20 off. Additionally, they gain access to member-exclusive discounts and offers.

What can I buy with FLX points? ›

You can redeem your XPoints for a wide variety of rewards, including unique products, exciting experiences, sweepstakes entries and gift cards. The offer changes on a regular basis. The current offer can be found on the Foot Locker website in your FLX account section.

Do FLX points expire? ›

Yes, your points will expire if you do not earn (I.e. by making a purchase) or redeem (I.e. using points for Xtra Boosts) within 365 consecutive days. We have more info about points in the FLX Membership Terms and Conditions. Was this article helpful?

What is the limit on FLX points? ›

Please note, there is a cap of 120,000 points that you can redeem per calendar month. Was this article helpful?

How many dollars is 7000 points? ›

7,000 reward points are worth around $70 , on average, but the exact value depends on which rewards program is offering the points and how you redeem them. In some cases, your reward points could be worth a lot more or a lot less.

How to win FLX rewards? ›

How do I earn points?
  1. Shop at a store. When you're ready to check out, show a store team member your FLX Rewards ID on the app or provide your email address or mobile number.
  2. Shop online. Sign in to your FLX Rewards account prior to completing your purchase.
  3. Complete activities.

How many points is a dollar? ›

1 (currency) = 0.01 Point

In other words, 100 points equals $1 (or other currency).

How does FLX work with Foot Locker? ›

FLX Rewards is our free rewards program where you get personalized offers, free shipping, a birthday gift, and more! You also earn points to redeem for exclusive benefits like Xtra Boosts and FLX Cash. The more you shop at Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker and Champs Sports, across North America, the more points you earn.

Can a FLX card be used anywhere? ›

A FLX card can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard, with the exception of age-inappropriate merchants (such as bottle-shops and tobacconists).

Why did I lose all my FLX points? ›

3.4 If you do not earn or redeem any points for 365 days, your points will expire.

How to redeem Foot Locker points? ›

First, sign in and go to your FLX Rewards Dashboard. Then, redeem your points for FLX Cash and add it to your Rewards wallet.

Can you withdraw money from a FLX card? ›

You cannot take a cash advance or withdraw funds from this account. Is there a late payment fee if my autopay is declined or suspended? Flex card does not have a late payment fee.

What is the FLX program? ›

FLX is our free rewards program where you can earn XPoints and redeem them for unique rewards including: sweepstakes, products, head starts for hot launches, events, and more across all of our Foot Locker family of brands (“Brands”).

How do you use fleet feet loyalty rewards? ›

Earning and Redeeming
  1. To redeem in-store: Ask your sales associate to apply your $15 Reward at checkout.
  2. To redeem online: Create a profile using the same email address you enrolled with. Once you log into your profile, your reward will be available to apply at checkout.

Can I use my scene points at Foot Locker? ›

You can now redeem for gift cards from stores like Roots, Indigo, Foot Locker, Gap and more. Find great gifts for everyone on your list!

How do I redeem my Foot Locker card? ›

How do I redeem a Foot Locker gift card?
  1. When you're ready to enter your payment information during checkout, select "Gift Card"
  2. Enter the 16-digit card number and PIN (Email gift cards will provide you with a PIN)
  3. Click "Apply"


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